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Let’s do this!

You’ve done the DIY bullshit. And the VA who said they “knew some design“.
And wasted a lot of benjamins on designers who cared more about “art” than a site that can make some goddamn money.

Forget leveling up, and raising your prices seems laughable. Your site doesn’t look like you,
doesn’t excite you, and the ripple effect is drawing in the clients you only take money from simply because you need to eat.

You are one BadAss solo-preneuer.

I know it. You know it. Finally look like it.

Get ready to raise your prices, look like the badass expert you are, get clients you adore, and be confident you can finally hire the marketing team to blow up your business because you now have great items you WANT to put into the world.

One BadAss

is a 4 month custom website package
(“package” hehehe!)
to help you finally look like the BadAss expert you are!

The bliss that comes after
we combine our super powers:


You’re almost peeing your pants from the excitement of the ideas rolling out of your brain. Where it was once an anxiety induced tantrum just to THINK about the next product you needed to prepare for new clients, now your notebook is overflowing with awesome notes and ideas spilling out of you.


You aren’t just ready to work again, you’re actually giddy to begin planning out your next totally BadAss program. You know exactly who your ideal client is, and you seriously have fun building something just for her. Added bonus? You’re damn near skipping when you get to your desk everyday.

Hello there...

You visit your own website because it looks SO BadAss you get a bit aroused…no judgement. Because now, you nearly sashay into networking meetings and coffee dates to hand over your business card. Because you totally know that they will see your website and be blown away by your badassery.


You actually give a shit. But even better? You love your business again. “How the hell do graphics make me so effing happy?!” you ask yourself…well. When you visually look like the awesome badass entrepreneur you are, you feel “official”, and you remember why you started.
Wow, Amanda is amazing! Her process made it easy for us and she captured exactly what we envisioned.

Laurel Gregory

Save your sanity…
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or 6 payments of $1,400

Only 1 spot left for January 2018.

Preselling spots for February 2018

The designs are OUTSTANDING! I would HIGHLY recommend A Strong Design

Tony V

When you have
One Badass Money-Maker you can:

Save 10 hours a week loudly swearing at your computer because you don’t understand why the photo can’t JUST GO THERE!
Save $1000s on “quickie” sites and designers that totally don’t get you at all.
Save your sanity because your VA can go back to taking the admin work off your desk instead of learning to use WordPress on your dime and time.

Did you know:

According to a Forbes article “a research study called Trust and Mistrust of Online Sites found that…design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. When asked to describe why they mistrusted a website, 94 percent of comments were directly related to web design elements, while only 6 percent referenced specific content.

So. How does this work?

Step 1
Click the button to fill out a quick form about your biz.
Step 2
View the super secret “cool kids only” intro page and watch a short video from me.
Step 3
Schedule your digital “face to face” from the link in the follow up email.
Step 4
Sign the needed legalese and take care of the deposit.
Step 5
Accept the invites to our shared Drive folder and my project software, TeamWork.

One BadAss

is a 4 month custom website package
(“package” hehehe!)
to help you finally raise your prices!

Wanna Know The
awesomeness you get?

Damn skippy you do!
AND you’ll save over $2000 by getting the One BadAss Money-Maker package.

Two Strategy Sessions

$300 Value
Roll up your sleeves,
and order the take out.

In this 90 minute session, I’ll walk you through the in-depth questions of what we’ll do to build your new smokin’ website. From colors to copy, Google analytics to pro emails. All the things.


Two 30 minute Clarity Calls

$150 value
Get the coffee!
Grab the notepad!

Get two quick 30-minute A-Ha! sessions during website development to bounce ideas around, get clarity or pre-training to dive right in.

Total Website Rebuild

$4500 value
Modernize it!
Beautify it!

Kickass home page, your story, how people hire you, a great blog, testimonials and a sleek contact me page! I’ll help make you look goooooood.

Responsive Website

$2250 value
Shrink it and
Mobile-ize it!

Did you know over 51% of our screen time is on a phone? Over 19% of audiences use only mobile to view sites, and over over 76% are multidevice viewers. Trust me. You NEED this.

12 Shiny New Pages

$1200 value
We’ll reorganize
and strategize!

You get a custom design (Werk it!) which includes templates for promo and thank you pages, contact, about, landing pages…and all the inbetweens.

Sales Page Template

$450 value
Go ahead!
Strut yo’ stuff!

Get a sweet, dynamic and responsive sales page template for product launches. Also, an infographic on what to change, and what to keep each time.

Opt-In Integration

$350 value
Let’s grow your list.

Grab great leads with this must have tool. Choose from 6 display types, 12 marketing integrations, and targeted display settings, plus get social share cards.

Security + Hosting

$360 value
Lock it down!
(Que “Bond” theme)

Plugins that perform automatic back ups of your full site, block spam and hacker attacks, make sign in and comment response easier, and help boost your SEO.

Pro Email

$35 value
Put your best
foot forward!

Don’t blow your new brand with emails from kickassboss1983@gmail.com. I’ll set you up with up to 5 professional emails from your domain. AND! We’ll link them to your Google.

Backend Fun

$950 value
Ew!! NO!
Behind the scenes!

I’ll install Google Analytics, Facebook pixels and Heat Maps on to your site – so not only will you know exactly who’s seeing what, but you’ll see where they came from and what they click on.


$650 value
How do people
reach you?

Be it forms within the database of your website, connecting your CRM, or even Google Forms to collect client info you want to have one on your site. You get 3! And they’ll look just as awesome.


Weekly Updates

Communication is key!
So are the tools.

You’ll get end-of week updates in our project software TeamWork to keep you updated about where we’re at. Never wonder “What the hell is going on with my site?” again.

Amanda made it look exactly like it did in my head! It was perfect!

Kandace R

It’s Totally Worth it…
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or 6 payments of $1,400

Only 1 spot left for January 2018.

Preselling spots for February 2018

Hey there. I’m Amanda.

I’m a strategic branding expert that specializes in print and web layouts. Focusing on what makes my clients unique and WHY they kickass, I am able to build a brand and website that brings in the clients you love…the kind you’d like to have a beer with – not just pay you. With degrees in Graphic Design and Web Design, and over 6 years of experience, I provide my clients with truly BadAss brands they can utilize to level up and start their world domination.



How Will You know if the shoe fits?

We will work SO well if you:

  • You’ve been in business a few years, and are seriously ready to level up.
  • You appreciate an expert in their field – so you can be the BadAss in yours.
  • You understand the value in a quick text and a system that works.
  • You aren’t insulted by an F bomb….or two.
  • You are decisive….even if you need some guidance.
  • You love technology and what it can do. Maybe you don’t know a lot, maybe you kinda suck at it – but you’re willing to learn!
  • Have a fantabulous sarcastic/witty sense of humor.

…It ain’t gonna work:

  • You just want a few “quick” changes
  • You want to use SquareSpace (Sorry. I’m a WP girl, all the way.)
  • You want me to “pick up” where another person left off. I feel you, I really do. It’s usually the worst deal ever for you, you feel you got screwed and now they are MIA, and you don’t want to trash everything you DID get (and feel you wasted ALL that time and moola). But it’s so much more stressful, and usually harder to unscramble the mess than to just scrap it. Like bread that was kneaded too much. It’s so much better if we start from the beginning.

Do You Know Your Personality?

I am an intense ENTJ in the Myers-Briggs Personalities. Or, if it makes more sense – I’m a high D and C in the DiSC Personality realm.
I belong in Ravenclaw. And I’m a Capricorn. With so much organization and attention to detail, my motto is “I get shit done”.

I was blown away by the designs that she did for my business!!! She’s AWESOME!

Elloise Bennet
AP Test Service

You know you wanna…
click below and get on my schedule.


or 6 payments of $1,400

Only 1 spot left for January 2018.

Preselling spots for February 2018

Amanda did a wonderful job listening to her customer and translating that into a job well done, and done right the first time.

Ian K
Heirloom Wood Toys

Her work is flawless and stunning. She is very professional

Marcy M
Cakes By Marcella

So Ya got some questions

Why will it take 4-5 months?
I don’t just start ripping virtual walls out willy nilly. We go through a whole process to make sure your site reflects YOU before I touch any code. I also install the Heat Maps and Google Analytics, hell I even install a Facebook Pixel for you to get more information about your site that you may or may not know. (Trust me. Your marketing team will love me.) To really get good info on those, you want to wait at least 30 days, so while we wait we get a bit dirty digging for details about you and your biz.
Are there any other costs I need to think about?
Yes, but not a lot. I recommend a high security hosting plan through my associate, and if you’re overhauling and need a new domain you’ll need that too. You’ll also want to pay for the WordPress theme we’ll use (either yourself or through me to get a discount), and some premium plugins to make sure the site can do all the cool shit that makes you stand apart: like taking payments from your site, or making sure you don’t get hacked to the best of your ability.
Is there a different payment plan?
I can do different payment plans for you if the ones listed won’t work. We can chat about that at our consult call.
What if it's not working out between us?
Hey….not everyone can be like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. So if it’s really just not a great fit, I’ll cancel our contract and deliver everything I have up until we stopped working together. No refunds though…there’s a lot of work that’s not just code involved.
What if I need more than what you have listed? Like a shopping cart or membership?
At our consult call, we’ll go over all those things in more detail. To give me a heads up, I do provide a checkbox for “additional website stuff” in the form you fill out.
What all do you need from me?
At the beginning, just some forms filled out: website stats, newsletter stats, likes, dislikes, etc. As we progress, I’ll guide you through providing your content like copy text, photos, etc (I am SO not a copywriter! But I do have some awesome connections) to complete the site.
What if I am technologically handicapped?
It’s cool. Maybe you don’t know a lot, maybe you kinda suck at it – but if you’re willing to learn and trust I’m not trying to torture you, I promise what I make you do will make everything run smoother!

I require my clients to only communicate with me through a project sharing software called TeamWork. This is so when I am working at 2am (like I do…regularly) I have everything needed for your project. But it’s really the ONLY major tech adjustment. And we’ll use Google Drive, and face-to-face chat via Zoom.

Do you do bodycopy or marketing?
This is a hard no. Listen. I am awesome at writing copy for myself, and I will guide you if you don’t want to hire a copywriter, but that is a whole level of branding that is best left to the experts in the writing field.

Same with marketing. Think of me as the cement guy when building a house. I can lay the awesome foundation, put all the base elements in place, even set up some things to make their job easier…but my expertise in marketing really ends at adding the tracking scripts for analytics. That’s a great thing! Because the peeps I DO know in their fields to help with this stuff will blow your socks off.

If you know all the experts to help with word copy and marketing - can you just take care of it all?
Totally. I get it. You don’t have time to find a branding person, AND web person, AND copywriter, AND marketer….you just want the shit taken care of.

I know them all. And the ones I work with are amazeballs. If you want me to just be the project manager, we can totally do that. Just let me know at our consult call. 

Will you hold my hand through all the things, or do I have to make all the decisions myself?
You know what you want, and how to articulate what you don’t. I love when people have a clear direction in their heads…but I also know that sometimes you need help directing those ideas. I’ll never give you choices without reasons, and I’ll give you my expert opinion when you seem stuck. But for you, being able to say “I don’t like that, but let me find the image that I was inspired by” doesn’t JUST help – it gets your project done faster.

It’s You And Me kid…
click below and get on my schedule.


or 6 payments of $1,400

Only 2 spots left for October 2017.


Contact Me

A Strong Design Graphic + Web Design
p: 971.258.2435 | e: hireme@astrongdesign.net

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