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Quick design, great results.

Sometimes, you just gotta have someone in your corner. An expert in their field. But not necessarily full time – or even for a full project. Sometimes, you just need a booster. Sometimes you just need some quick business items. Like business cards, rack cards, brochure or even social media graphics.

I’m here to help.

Here you can find quick services that need very little involvement on both sides, but still get you some great swag. (Like order your business cards, answer some questions, boom. Done. They show up ten days later.) Kind of like pre-ordering your coffee from an app. You still get your awesome stuff, quicker than normal even, and the experts can simply deliver what they do best.


Need more?

Are you looking for a website, logo, or full-on branding?

I gotchu.

Click HERE to check out what big projects we can work on together.

“Amanda made me a beautiful flyer for an event I was hosting for my business. I told her what info needed to be included, the vibe I wanted and swiftly gave her carte blanche on the creative side and look. She knew my taste and style well, and in no time, she delivered a flyer in printable format, as well as for my social media platforms. Thank you Amanda for helping me out in taking care of that so I could focus on what I do best in my business.”

~ Natalie L
Edelweiss Acupuncture

A Strong Design helped me from scratch create my logo and website for my cleaning company. We went through many details to discover just what I was looking for to really make my company logo and website stand out from the others.

~ Jackie O
OCD Maid Service

A Strong Design created our web-site and manages our social media presence. Amanda did a wonderful job listening to her customer and translating that into a job well done, and done right the first time.

~ Ian K
Heirloom Wood Toys

Basic Business Collateral

I’m sure you’ve heard of things like VistaPrint, Zazzle, even Moo. The lure of DIY is huge. Especially with the pitch they give you: “Get your business needs super fast, super cheap, and super easy!” But you’re not ordering Fast Food…and let’s be honest, it’s really only cheap. Both in quality AND price.

I once attended a business class that had a massive note written on the board: “What are YOU worth?” Why is this important? Because if you are a savvy entrepreneur and know your worth, you understand the quote from Mary Kay:

Don’t spend Dollar Time on Penny Jobs.

Your time is worth more than the few bucks you’ll save by going the cheap route, (or hours wasted trying to figure out things I spent years learning) and your business should reflect that you care about what face you put forward.

I gotchu.

Business Cards

A Strong Design Biz card samplesEveryone needs them, everyone wants them. This deceptively easy design job can be a nightmare if you don’t have a design game plan (read branding), and a serious pain in the ass if you aren’t a designer. There are SO many things to think of, starting with size. Did you know there are no less than three popular sizes? Do you know what they are? I do.

Let me just help you and take all that stress away, k?

Business Printing

Maybe you already have a business card, promo flyer, postcard, or even door hanger you love but you’re tired of the exorbitant costs of printing. You want to make a statement, but you want to stay in business as well…and breaking the bank on constant printing isn’t helping.

Because I understand print so well (my first degree is in print – which means I speak geek.) I can save you money JUST because you order through me. The quality is great, and if you don’t need it rushed, I usually can beat the price of nearly anyone.

Collateral Design

Do you have a vision in mind, as well as the imagery you need…or at least the logo? How about content? Perfect.

Here, you simply order what you need, without the printing, answer a few questions and I’ll get a draft to you right away. You don’t even need to know the real sizes of things…I’ll handle it for you.

Super quick, super easy, and you look like a rock star in your business!

Social Media Images

We all know that images get more engagement on Social Media than text, but sometimes coming up with the images is harder than you thought.

I will make you both branded and unbranded images, as well as provide a full monthly subscription for new images each week. You don’t even have to provide info, maybe just a sale or promo here and there. Want to make sure you don’t forget to post? I will even send you the weekly images on the DAY you choose to post.

Want it on Tuesday for your weekly event? Or is that just the day you want to reserve for graphics? Done. It’ll show up every Tuesday at 7:30am your time ready for you to download and post!


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